Bucket Sluice Concentrator Combo


This combo product includes the Green Bucket Sluice Concentrator, a 750 GPH Pump, a 3 foot special hose, water valve, hose fitting and bungee for mounting.  (Bucket and battery not included.)


Bucket Sluice Concentrator “Combo”

Finally here is the package. It features the Green Bucket Sluice Concentrator, and our 750 GPH Pump, 3 Ft Special Hose, Water Valve, Hose Fitting, Bungee for mounting. It does not include the Bucket or the battery. This is best ran on a recirculating tube with the bucket. You will need to drill a hole in the side of your bucket to allow water to recirculate into the tub. Check out our video on how to do this.  This is made of 1/8 inch ABS plastic. We own the rights to this item and we purchased all the molds from the creator. Most others who make this uses thin plastic that is easy to break. Ours is very sturdy and comes with a 1 year warranty.

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Black, Green, Blue, Pink


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