Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe


The latest in gold prospecting equipment, the Gold Cube 3 Stack is an amazingly light and tough small portable machine for catching the smallest gold nuggets.

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The Gold Cube is a very unique piece of gold prospecting equipment designed with the 21st century gold prospector in mind. In 2010 the US Patent office issued utility and design patents to Mike Pung and Steve (Red) Wilcox who introduced new terminology to the industry.

New Terminology

Words like G-Force separator, Vortex Matting,  Alternating modular trays are new and exciting terms among recreational and professional prospectors.  Visit  “How it Works” and prepare to have your mind blown!

Amazing Results

The Gold Cubes processing power is amazing for a small portable machine. It’s light and tough, runs on a 12 volt battery and typically processes 1,000 pounds of screened material per hour!  The Gold Banker attachment or the Gold Cube Trommel add more functionality to the Gold Cube.

Got Nuggets?

Our latest innovation is called the “Nugget Zone” and it is a game changer.  The Gold Cube was designed to get the very small. However, there is always a chance that a nugget’s there and the Nugget Zone is designed to catch it!

Shovel Ready

When you clean your Gold Cube you will find all your gold with a little black sand and other heavies. So get your shovel, your Gold Cube is waiting…and it’s hungry!

It is the best in prospecting equipment!

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Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 14 × 18 × 20 in


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